Celebrating our Matriculants’ success at the Metro South Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony for top achievers in the Metro South District took the form of a breakfast at Spine Road High School on Saturday, 30 January 2016. Wynberg Girls’ High School was awarded two certificates: for overall 3rd place in Circuit 2 and for 1st place on the percentage of Bachelor’s Passes.

Nicole Wentzel received a certificate for being the top candidate at Wynberg Girls’ High School.

There were awards for the top five candidates in Circuit 2, four of whom came from Wynberg Girls’ High School:

1st – Nicole Wentzel
3rd – Ashleigh Thompson
4th – Caitlin Hurry
5th – Michelle Mitchell

The main awards were for the top 20 in the entire district:

1st – Nicole Wentzel
6th – Ashleigh Thompson
7th – Caitlin Hurry
8th – Michelle Mitchell
11th – Tamsyn Gaynor
12th – Kayla Arnold
15th – Tamar Kendon
17th – Clara Stassen
20th – Ashleigh Dreyer