Mountain Club is Blown Away

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The inclement weather on Sunday, 1st November, proved no match for our determined Mountain Club Hikers.

Six of our girls made their way down to the historically-rich Cape Point in the hope of clearer conditions as midday approached. We admired the scenic beauty as Mr Bodenstein took us for a drive around the Cape of Good Hope and along the shoreline of the reserve. With the wind still howling, our planned route along the coast to Dias Beach turned into a walk up to the lighthouse and along the trail of the most southern western part of Cape Point. The Cape of Good Hope Scenic Walk path led us to the beach and sheltered from the weather, we managed to enjoy our packed lunches with the sight of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Greeted by many tourists, we continued walking around and down the mountain with the breathtaking view of all of Cape Point behind us. We were blown away by not only the wind, but the view of the Atlantic ocean and its sea life surrounding this nature enthusiast paradise.

Thank you to Mr Bodenstein and Ms Underhill for this opportunity to celebrate our city in the most beautiful way possible.

Cape Point Hike