Mrs Harding Judges the Tablet Slam

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It is understood that lionesses lead the pride. Thus, with the lion as our “Animal of the Year,” it was only fitting that our leading lioness was given a birthday celebration fit for any leader of the pride …

Hushed tones of excitement resounded off the passage walls as girls hurriedly made their way down to the hall to witness the first annual “tablet slam.” With the hall full, everyone waited. One must understand that any quiet moment at Wynberg is a rare and beautiful moment. In this rare and beautiful moment, everyone waited in anticipation to see the look of surprise on Mrs Harding’s  face and the feeling of exhilaration was almost tangible.

In the instant that she appeared in the doorway, one could see that Mrs Harding had realised that she was not judging any “tablet slam.” Instead, her years of service at Wynberg Girls’ High School were being honoured and her birthday was being celebrated. As she climbed the steps up to the stage, she was ushered on by a resounding “Happy birthday” song.  Then, Jessie Leverzencie (Head of RCL) and I said a few words on behalf of the school, thanking Mrs Harding for her dedication to Wynberg and making herself available as an excellent role model for all of the girls.

This was followed by the Vocal Ensemble singing “You Needed Me,” a song close to Mrs Harding’s heart since it was her wedding song.

The school then migrated to the Wellington Quad for a celebratory picnic during break. It was evident from the laughter and empty packets that lined the nearby dustbins that it was a success. With marimbas playing in the background, teachers and students sat together enjoying the sunshine and the chance merely to touch, never mind sit on, the Forbidden Grass.

Congratulations are due to Mr Burrell and Ms McCarthy for organising the event and maintaining the tablet slam façade all week! The beauty of the day’s festivities were that collectively we, as a school, were able to join together in unison to give thanks to a pillar of strength at Wynberg. We were able to show her exactly how much she is appreciated and loved by her Wynberg family. We were able to salute a principal no more part of Wynberg than the walls itself.

Happy birthday Mrs Harding!

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