Netball Friendlies

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On Monday 23rd June, the senior netball teams played friendly matches against Claremont  High School who do not play in the same league as Wynberg Girls’ High School.


 Although it was a friendly  match, both teams were extremely competitive. Wynberg was able steal many of Claremont’s centre passes and maintain a constant lead. By half time, Wynberg had been able to maintain a steady pace with the score at 13-2. It was also a bit of a learning curve for the shooters as they had to step out of their comfort zone to collect balls. The team enjoyed the game and are very proud of their victory.

Best defender: Asanda Masoka

Best shooter: Alex Steyn

Best attacking player: Natalie Winter

Full time score: 19-5 to Wynberg


The game started off well.  In the 1st half, the Wynberg girls battled to find their footing, however they dominated in the 2nd half.  Claremont managed to put a lot of pressure on the Wynberg team, with their skillful passing. The match was played in good spirits.  Wynberg managed to secure 8 goals in the 1st half leaving Claremont with a score of 2.  The final score was 19-2 to Wynberg, not allowing Claremont any advantage in the 2nd half.  Well done to the team, let’s keep this up.

Player of the match : Lauren Dawson

Best attacking player : Zoe Koff

Best defending player : Erin Slater

Under 14 A

The match was well contested considering that Wynberg u14’s played against Claremont’s under 15 side. Wynberg started off with the ball and easily secured the first centre pass.  Claremont kept the pressure scoring straight away.  This carried on until Wynberg were able to steal two centre passes from Claremont, giving Wynberg a 2 goal lead.  The score at half time was 5-3, and the final score was 12-6

Player of the match : Kayla Morgan

Best Defender : Helena Veysey

Best shooter : Kayla Morgan

Under 14 B

Wynberg started off in full force both in the defence and attacking sides.  Claremont was doing a good job sticking to their partners. The first half was played very quickly with very few foot faults and nearly no contact made at all.  By half time, Wynberg had scored 13 goals while Claremont had scored only 1. In the second half, Claremont tried their best to keep Wynberg’s shooters at bay, with no success, final score was 20-2 to Wynberg.

Player of the match : Lara Johnson

Best Defender : Lara Johnson

Best Shooter : Ashley Timms