Netball Results vs Fishhoek

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The first half was played well with our girls taking an immediate advantage. Everyone was committed and contributed to a score of 11 – 5. After that, the team really pulled away from the opposition and played textbook netball, scoring another 13 goals. The final score was 24 – 11 to us. The Player of the Match was Lauren Wiemers for her incredibly accurate shooting. She and Rachel Gribble also made a superb mini-team within our goal-circle, brilliantly anticipating each other’s moves. Well done to all – a fantastic win!


Due to injuries and illness, the same tired eleven girls then had to play in the A team match as well! As the last league match for the matrics, the entire team put in great effort and played exceptional netball.

We trailed behind Fishhoek by a few points during the first and second quarters. The half-time score being 12 – 15. By then, we were all started to run out of steam. In the third quarter, we somehow found the extra energy and played flat out. We clawed our way back with some superb team-work and ended the quarter equalised at 20-20.

The attacking players played a super game feeding the ball into our circle, the defenders applied huge pressure to the Fishhoek players and our goal attack and goal shooters were on fire. By the final whistle, we had lost by only one point, with a score of 26 – 27. We believe that after two well-contested games, we left the winners – congratulations! What exceptional netball and incredible sportsmanship.

U16 A

From the start, our girls made it extremely difficult for the opposition to score a goal, with our defence playing their hearts out, resulting in a lead of 5-0 at half time.  During the second half our girls were beginning to feel fatigued, however after Fish Hoek scored, they came back stronger than before resulting in a win of 9-2.  Throughout the game our girls supported and encouraged each other, this lead to our girls performing well as a team.  Player of the match went to Lara Johnson.

U 16 B

Although there were minor errors in the beginning with regards to communication, our girls soon found their rhythm and ended at half time leading 8-0.  After a talk during half time, they came back stronger than before and secured the majority of centre passes by working as a unit and ended up winning the match with a final score of 16-4.  Player of the match went to Zoe Benson.

U 14 A

We had a tough match to start off, with Fish Hoek determined to try and get a win, they worked hard in the first half, and so did our girls.  After 15 minutes had passed, it was obvious that both teams wanted the win with the score of 3-3.  The defence was superb from both ends.  Going into the 2nd half, our girls became despondent due to umpiring, and it got the better of them.  With our GA, Alex Nicholson not being able to play, Jessica Petersen, our normally WA player was thrown in on the deep end having to substitute in the shooting position.  Our girls did their best, unfortunately it did not end the way we had hoped. Final score was 8-11 in Fish Hoek’s favour.   Player of the match goes to Samantha Chambers.

U 14 B

With our team in the 2nd position on the log, and Fish Hoek trailing in 3rd, we had to make sure that we secured a win.  The first half started off with players from the attack and defence working hard on both ends.  Communication was excellent amongst team mates and it showed in the half time score in Wynberg’s favour 8-6.  2nd half the defence went in at 150%, and only allowed Fish Hoek 6 goals, our attack players made sure to secure each ball they received in the circle and held on to every Wynberg centre pass.

Final score was 18-6 to WGHS. Players of the match goes to Nishaat Davids, and Elizabeth Ducroq who played on the WD and GD positions.