Netball Results vs Rustenburg

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Under 19A

Rustenberg is one of Wynberg’s toughest competitors which was clearly visible in this game. Our girls persevered and never gave up fighting. At the end of the first quarter the score was 4-4. The second quarter ended with 10-11. The first half of the game was an extremely well-contested one and was magnificent to watch.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 13-20, with our girls slipping a bit as we became tired. In the final quarter, we came together as a team and played as one. The final score 16-25 to Rustenberg. Win or lose, we were there together, strong as ever. The Player of the match was Asavela Dyanti. She did not play at all, but she was cheering for everyone non-stop, encouraging and motivating us all the way!

Under 19B

On Thursday, the u19B team played a tough game against Rustenberg. The girls played hard, but the opposition put up a stronger fight. The final score was 13-16 to Rustenberg. Congrats to the whole team as well as Player of the match, Zoe Koff, for playing her heart out and being all over the court constantly.

Under 16A

Rustenberg played a aa tough game, their team were determined to win, unfortunately , this developed into rough play and Sarah Underwood succumbed to a knee injury. The game continued, with good defence by our Goal defence. Rustenberg won the game 13-5.

Player of the Match : Sarah Underwood

Under 16B

The game started off fiercely with Rustenberg applying some serious pressure. Our goal shooter , Carrie ,true to form never missed a goal. The B team were determined to win the game and this could be seen in their defence tactics. The team prevailed and won the game 15-5

Player of the Match : Natasha Claasen

Under 16 C

The Under 16 C netball team played Rustenburg at home on the 21 May 2015.  They played really well together and handled the ball well. For every centre pass a goal was made which made for a very fluid game.  The half time score was 6-4.

During the second half Wynberg Girls’ High School worked really hard to become tie with Rustenburg, but time wasn’t in our favour and we lost by one point.  The final score was 10-9.

Player of the match Retabile Makoetlane – for her constant energy throughout the game.

Under 14A

Our girls were ready for any competition, after starting the season with 2 consecutive wins. The game started off at a pace that both teams were not able to cope with.  Wynberg successfully intercepted 2 of Rustenburg’s centre passes, leaving them with a comfortable 10-6 lead at the start of the 2nd half.  After a chat from Mrs Williams, the girls slowed the game down, and more accurate passes came from this.  Wynberg ended the game with a favourable score of 20-9. Well done to Aaliyah Haron, who was awarded player of the match for her outstanding efforts in the Goal Keeper position.

Under 14B

Wynberg were extremely nervous to begin with, knowing that Rustenburg were worthy opponents.  They did their best in the first half, but just couldn’t seem to capture the lead with a half time score of 9-9.  In the 2nd half, the girls had a more structured game plan and communication between players was better. They held on to each centre pass and made sure to secure a goal on each one.  Each player made sure to play her part and with Ashleigh Rorich scoring a goal in the last second, securing a Wynberg victiry with a nail biting score of 19-18. A very narrow victory for us, but well done to Rustenburg for a good game played.

Player of the match was Ashleigh Rorich who played on a Goal Attack position.

Under 14 C 

The Under 14 C netball team played Rustenburg at home on the 21 May 2015.  They played really well together and had a wonder game with great spirit! Even though they lost.  At half time Wynberg Girls’ High School were trailing 6-4.  Second half the girls got a little despondent because they knew they were losing so they didn’t play to their full potential.  Over all there were not many faults made by Wynberg Girls’ High School but their passing could have been slightly better.  Full time score 8-13.

Player of the match went to Reece Mackenzie again for her excellence in defending.