Netball Results: Wynberg vs Herschel

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The game started off at a phenomenal pace, with Wynberg’s securing their first two centre passes. Very quickly, we had a tied game at 4-4. Herschel’s defence then intercepted five centre passes and took the lead in the first half with a score of 7-2. In the second half, Wynberg managed to secure five more centre passes, but were unable to intercept any more, leaving us with a score of 13-8 in Herschel’s favour. The best defence player was Jenna Grey; highest goal scorer was Kayla Morgan and best attacking player went to Lupiwe Poswa. Despite our loss to Herschel, we are proud of the improvement we have made as a team.

Both teams were equally matched: our girls were a bit nervous in the first half, and it showed in their performance. The first half went to Herschel with a score of 4-2. In the second half Wynberg got into rhythm and intercepted one of Herschel’s centre passes. We had loads of opportunities, but just couldn’t score. Lara Johnson got best defending player, doing an outstanding job from start to finish. Highest goal scorer was Coral Hedley and best attacking player went to Ashley Timms. The final score of the game was 8-7 to Herschel. It was  a narrow defeat, and we are certainly happy with the improvement our girls have shown.

Starting off with anticipation, our girls let the speed of the game get the better of them. With the ball getting to Wynberg’s circle. our shooters were unable to secure each shot taken. At  half time, Herschel was leading 7-4. In the second half, our shooters lost steam only scoring 3 goals. The final score was 13-7 to Herschel. Player of the match went to Erin Slater.

It was regrettable that our girls failed to perform in the way that they are capable: bunching and failing to stick to perimeters were part of the problem. By the end of the first half Herschel led 5-2. The second half went better, but we need to work on our defence and communication. Despite this the girls enjoyed the game and the spirit in which they played was awesome. The final score was 9-4 in Herschel’s favour. Player of the match went to Sarah Underwood.

Player of the match: Lauren Jonathan
Best shooter: Ashleigh Bell
Best Defender: Asanda Masoka

The match started off with Wynberg’s stealing three of Herschel’s centre passes and securing all their own. Wynberg managed to maintain their lead with the half time score 13-7. Our shooters did brilliantly in the second half, scoring 15 goals between them, leaving the final score at 28-15. A great with for Wynberg.


Best shooter: Sasha Duncan
Best attacker: Lauren Jonathan
Best defender: Yeukai Chamba

The team did an excellent job by applying pressure and sticking to their partners, thus winning a few of Herschel’s centre passes. The combined effort of being available for these passes helped ensure possession of the ball. The team was able to maintain its lead, despite sustained injuries and clashes between both teams. A great team effort ensured a well deserved victory that left their coach speechless. The final score 20-16.