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Some of the U/19B team players played in the U/19A match. So despite some of these girls being tired after their previous match, they gave it their all. There were some beautiful interceptions and the team fought for every ball that Herschel threw.  By the end of the first quarter, the score was 2-7 in Herschel’s favour. At half-time, the score was 4-14 in Herschel’s favour. Despite trying their hardest, our girls did not manage to stop Herschel, who were playing really well. Our attackers and defenders played till the bitter end. The final score was 8-31 against us.

No matter the score, Wynberg was proud of their team and it was decided that the whole team should be awarded Women of the Match. The U/19A team showed great sportsmanship and smiled throughout the whole game. Next time we are sure that the team will do better.


In the first half, Wynberg played really well. Our passes were short and accurate. The attacking players who were feeding the ball into the circle did a brilliant job. The shooting from the GA and GS was very accurate and impressive. The defence girls were also doing a marvellous job, keeping the ball away from their opponents. The first half’s score was 12-4, in our advantage.

During the second half, the girls continued in the same manner. Their speed was amazing and they played until the last whistle. The team members cheeed each other on until the very end. It was a great match to watch and to see the unity that was being displayed throughout the whole match. The final score was 19-10, in our favour.  Kagiso Jantjies was named Woman of the Match.

U16 A 

The game started off with a lot of contact from both sides, however as the match continued, our girls put up a strong defense and made it difficult for the opposition to get past.  The half time score was 6-9 to Herschel.  The pace of the game was at a tremendous speed and we realised that we needed to slow down, as it caused us to make too many errors which could have been otherwise avoided.  Overall our girls played very well, aside from some mistakes which could have been avoided. We have however improved greatly in our communication while playing, this a great improvement as the players are responding quicker and more efficiently during matches. Player of the match goes to Carrie Schuller who played on a GA position. Full time score was 10-13 to Herschel.

U16 B 

Our girls started off the game with a patchy start and were not playing as a team.  The girls played as individuals rather than as a team and were not co-operating during the first half, which left the score in Herschel’s favour at 7-9.

In the 2nd half, the girls buckled down and started communicating, with WGHS converting 2 of Herschel’s centre passes, we managed to even the score.  Sadly we ran out of time.  With the last couple of seconds to go, we were unable to gain just 1 more goal to take the game.  A huge improvement from start to finish, and this is a team to look out for! Player of the match goes to Lupiwe Poswa. Final score was 14-14.

U16 C 

Our team started off well, with everyone playing their part  We went into the 2nd half up leading 4-3.  In the 2nd half, our girls let it slip, allowing Herschel to win 2 of our centre passes, and putting them in the lead by 1 point. We played well till the end, and hope to have a better result next week when we play Fish Hoek. Player of the match went to Naomi Simpson who played on a GS position.

U14 A

The girls were determined to make a difference with this game, especially after the loss against JVR. In the 1st half, they had good communication and made sure of every pass they made.  When Herschel had the ball, they stuck to their opponents and made it a riveting game to watch.  The half time score was 4-1 to Wynberg.

Going into the 2nd half, the coach made a few changes due to an injury that had occurred.  Jessica Petersen  stepped up to the plate in the centre position and fulfilled all expectations. With the entire team working as a unit, we managed to secure 5 more goals, and restricting Herschel to just 4. Player of the match went to Aaliyah Haron for her outstanding defence skills in the GK position, as well as Kelsey Theunis who made herself available at each turn, and made a number of interceptions. Well done Team.

U14 B 

Our girls went into the game a bit over confident, with not having a loss since our first fixture, they let the ball drop before the game began.  In the first half, we had loads of opportunities in the circle, but sadly it just wasn’t our shooters’ day. Defending and attacking skills needs to be worked on for our next fixture, as we made silly mistakes that cost us a couple of centre passes. The half time score was 3-3.  In the 2nd half, our girls lost the plot, and allowed Herschel to convert 4 of our centre passes to put them in the lead.  We tried really hard to regain our composure, but unfortunately it was to late. We ended off with a score of 6-11 in Herschel’s favour.  We are proud of the fact that the girls never gave up, and tried their best until the last whistle. Player of the match goes to Ashleigh Rorich, she went the extra mile with every pass available.

U14 C 

Our girls made such stunning interceptions throughout the game, and especially close to Herschel’s circle, WGHS were in the lead in the 1st half with a score of 5-3. Girls started off great but things got a bit messy in the 2nd half, we could have done better, but had a good, clean, fun game, our defensive were fantastic in the 2nd half not allowing any convertions for Herschel. Final score was 9-3 to Wynberg.  Player of the match goes to Jodi Beckman, who played on a GA position.




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