Netball vs Jan van Riebeck

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Under 16C

Our team started off a bit slow, which gave Jan van Riebeeck the opportunity to get a head start. In the second half we almost made a comeback, but we were just not fit enough to keep up the good work. It was a clean, fair game and even though we lost, we were worthy competitors and we have managed to identify a few areas that we should focus on in the next few practices in order to improve. Wynberg lost 7-11.

Under 14 A

We played JVR at their venue, which put our team a bit on the back foot, with major support coming from their side, our girls were intimidated to start off with.  In the first half, we struggled to gain structure and lost the plot by allowing JVR to score 17 goals and restricting us to only 2.  When the 2nd half started and after a reassuring talk from the coach, the girls elevated their game and picked up on our side, sadly we had a wrist injury in the first 5 minutes and our GD, Jodie Snyders, was no longer able to play and had to be substituted by Elizabeth Ducroq. We managed to secure 5 more goals in the 2nd half and restricted their team to only 9.

We ended with a score of 26-7 in JVR favour. Player of the match went to Jessica Petersen who with no doubt played to the best of her ability, when attacking she was always available, and when on the defensive, she maintained her ground, and made it very difficult for her opponent to receive a pass.

Under 14 B

The team communicated very well. The start of the game was a bit dodgy, but our girls came to grips and realised that they were capable.  The half time score was 8-3 in WGHS favour.  In the 2nd half our girls gave 110% and restricted JVR to only 5 additional goals.  Our attacking players made sure to secure the ball and managed to score 10 more in the 2nd half.

The girls ended on a high note with a score of 18-8 in WGHS favour.

Under 14C

This was a good, clean game against a very competitive side. The girls played exceptionally well in the first half, but they were making unnecessary mistakes as they were playing too fast and getting ahead of themselves. In the second half they did not defend as well as they did in the first half and this lead to Jan van Riebeeck managing to catch up with us. The girls had fun and weren’t too disappointed with the score of 4-4.