Netball vs Jan van Riebeck

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The girls were brilliant on the attack. Although the end score proved no win, they gave it their all and surely enjoyed the game.


Highest Goal Scorer : Tyla Rae Hogan

Best Attacking Player : Okwethu Banisi

Best Defender : Maree Petersen

Half Time Score : 11-4 to WGHS

Full time Score : 18- 11 to WGHS

The game was played really well, despite the rainy weather conditions.  Jan Van Riebeeck started with the ball, and Wynberg, decided to show them, just how it’s done, by stealing the centre pass and gaining the 1st goal of the game. In the 1st half the girls worked overtime and the score showed it at 11-4.  In the 2nd half the girls were on a roll, and kept the team spirit high, by scoring from each centre pass.  Well done to the B side, winning the game at 18-11.


Highest Goal Scorer : Kayla Morgan

Best Attacking Player : Lupiwe Poswa

Best Defender : Helena Veysey

Half Time Score : 4-5 to JVR

Full time Score : 5-10 to JVR

The girls new that they were in for a tough game.  In the 1st half, Wynberg held their own, and it started to look promising with a half time score of 4-5 to JVR.  Rain interupted the 2nd half which caused the girls to make silly mistakes which cost them the game.  The final score was 5-10 to JVR.


The girls played the best game of their season and not even the rain could get them down! They were leading at half time but sadly they could not pull it through.


Highest Goal Scorer : Lauren Dawson

Best Attacking Player : Micheala Pinkam

Best Defender : Allison Robertson

Half Time Score : 6-4 to WGHS

Full time Score : 10-8 to WGHS

The girls played a good game considering the weather. They played as a team that communicated well.  The half time score was 6-4 to WGHS.  In the2ND half the girls fought hard to keep their lead, as their opponents were quite a strong defensive team, but well done to the girls winning the game with a score of 10-8.


Highest Goal Scorer : Bianca Venter

Best Attacking Player : Zoe Koff

Best Defender : Masi Dimbaza

Half Time Score : 3-9 to JVR

Full time Score : 8-20 to JVR

The girls played a very fast game, however the wet conditions got the better of them.  Due to unforced errors the girls know they made, the half time score was 3-9 to JVR.  In the 2ND half it was more of the same, and our girls lost focus, leaving the game in JVR ‘s favour with a score of 20-8.


Best shooter: Sasha Duncan

Best attacker: Ashleigh Bell

Best defender: Lauren Jonathan

It was a cold and windy day but this team was ready to win. It was another point for point match for the second team. The weather did not phase them, they were determined to be victorious. They trailed by one point at the end of the first half ( 8-9). The match continued to be a tight, with each team securing their centre pass. In the dying seconds of the match, it was Wynberg’s centre pass, they had the opportunity to level with JVR. Unfortunately the whistle blew before they could even the score line. The score 18-19, a Wynberg loss. Wynberg showcased some spectacular netball and should be proud.


Best attacker: Emma Horner

Best defender: Robyn Schippers

This was on fixture the first team was most anxious for. They were aware of the fact that JVR are an unbeaten side, and felt very intimidated. Nevertheless Wynberg played their own game and wanted to keep the score difference as narrow as possible. JVR led in the first quarter 4 – 7. Both teams continued on consistently with JVR leading. The weather took a turn for the worst which threw the girls totally off their game. It was downhill from there for Wynberg. They didn’t manage to sneak one goal for the rest of the four quarters. The game ended 8 – 25 to JVR.