Netball vs Reddam

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Best shooter: Sasha Duncan

Best attacker: Emma Horner

Best defender: Paige Radford

Wynberg started off really relaxed. They did not expect Reddam to be strong competition. Wynberg secured all their centre passes, as did Reddam. As a result the first quarter score was 7- 5 to Wynberg. The black and yellow ladies continued their lead through the second quarter, scoring two more goals than that of their opponents. Reddam came back fighting. They made use of all of Wynberg’s mistakes and showcased some impressive shooting from the edge of the circle, “wowing” the spectators. The third quarter ended 14 all.

Before Wynberg took their places on the court for the last quarter, Mrs Williams gave a few words of encouragement to the first team, which motivated them to secure the victory. 19 – 17. It was a successful game and we wish the first team good luck for the PGSGU interschools tournament happening next week Saturday (30th August at Herschel).


Best shooter: Alex Steyn

Best attacker: Natalie Winter

Best defender: Nolitha Macanda

It was a successful day for Wynberg’s second team. They had ended off their season on a high note just as they’d hoped.  For some this was their final league match. Wynberg started off strong, stealing almost all of Reddam’s centre passes. The first half ended 15 – 3. In the second half Wynberg continued marching on goal after goal, out playing the Reddam defense. They were unstoppable and beat the home side 27 – 7. Well done to our girls and what brilliant way to end off the season.


The girls spirits were a bit low because of clash the day before against JVR. The game started off with teams battling goal for goal, until Reddam intercepted 3 Wynberg centre passes. The first half ended with Reddam leading 10-6.

In the 2nd half, Wynberg found it difficult to get the ball into the circle, and were restricted to only 2 goals in the half. Wynberg’s defence worked overtime, and only allowed Reddam 6 goals in the 2nd.  Final score was 16-8 to Reddam.

Player of the match : Lupiwe Poswa


The game started off at a very slow pace with Reddam getting the better of our girls. Home side support also motivated the Reddam team. Reddam led 9 goals to 3 going into the half time break. In the 2nd half, it was too difficult for our girls to come back from the goal difference and with the strong Reddam defence. Reddam limited Wynberg to just 2 goals in teh second half. Final score was 16-5 to Reddam.

Player of the Match : Chelsea Dallas.