Netball vs Springfield

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On Thursday the 7th May Wynberg’s Netball teams played against Springfield and played noteworthy games. Overall all of the teams played great netball, showing Springfield what they are made of. The weather was fantastic and the girls enjoyed playing these action-packed games.


The u19A team started off strong as the teams were neck in neck.  As the game progressed the Springfield girls’ had the upper hand and by the end of the third quarter our girls were somewhat disheartened. But in the fourth quarter the team gave it their all and pushed for the final effort.  They persevered and went from a score of 13 to 23 resulting in them only being four points away from Springfield in the end. The final score was 23-27 to Springfield. Even though they did not win, their efforts made them smile at the end. Because for that last quarter they gelled as a team and touched greatness. We wish them better luck next time. There is always space to improve and work harder. The player of the match goes to Lauren Jonathan. She is always open and ready to help in a game and is a very valuable asset to have in a team.


The u19B team had a brilliant game against Springfield, with an astounding score of 37-1.  The girls played their hearts out working for every ball and opportunity. The player of the match was Rachel Gribble. This was her first U19 match and she was a brave and hard working part of the team as she strove to keep up with the older girls. She was a valuable part of the team and we look forward to seeing her on the court again.


Springfield gave our girls a tough start to the game, their defence was fierce and they played very well as a team. However our girls were determined to win and battled Springfields fierce defence to win the game 19-7. Springfield played very well and were a hard to team to beat but Wynbergs determination to win gave them the edge and ultimately , victory. The player of the match was Natasha Claasen, who has improved her game greatly since last season.  Final score 19-7 to Wynberg.


The game started fiercely with both teams fighting for possession of the ball. Wynberg managed to take the lead in the first half of the game and worked hard to create and maintain the difference in scores. Player of the match was Zoe Benson, she read the game beautifully , defended her team fiercely and all this with an injured figure! There were no injuries but there were some fabulous falls, Okwetu Banisi won the award for most glamourous fall and recovery.  Final score 20/1  to Wynberg


The Under 16 C netball team played Springfield at home on the 7 May 2015.  They played really well together and handled the ball well. They starting to TRUST each other and play as a team which helped them win the game.  The half time score was 8-0 to Wynberg. During the second half Wynberg lost the nerve to hold off Springfield and this was due to a number of factors: fitness, poor passing and numerous foot faults.  The final score was 11-7 to Springfield.  Overall the girls remained upbeat and up held the Wynberg way.  Player of the match Sipho Stofile – for her excellence in the goals.


The girls were extremely nervous going into the game, with lots of the girls coming for the junior school, they were rating Springfield’s ability on what they had encountered the year before.  Never the less, at the start of the game it was all systems go.  The girls had a solid defence line with players like Jodie Snyders, Aaliyah Haron, Elizabeth Duqro and Kelsey Theunis who were outstanding at intercepting most balls that tried to be passed into Springfield’s goals.  The attacking players worked well together and the open lines of communication proved to be what they needed all along. We had a mouth bleed and a scrape on the knee, but our little soldiers carried on.  The half time score was 5-1 to Wynberg.  The final score was 11-6 to Wynberg.  Player of the match went to Kelsey Theunis.  Coach, Sakeena Williams was extremely proud of the first win for the season.


These girls decided that after the first win, they weren’t going to back down, they went in fighting for the ball and beautiful defence from wghs side, left the first half with a score of 9-1 in WGHS favour. With changes made at half time, the girls carried on, making sure to communicate on the court and coming towards the end of the game, they tried to get to the 20 mark, unfortunalty time got the better of them, and we ended the game with a score of 18-4. Well done to all the girls that played, player of the match went to Kiah Martin in the GK position.

U14 C 

The Under 14 C netball team played Springfield at home on the 7 May 2015.  They played really well together and starting to form bonds that they can rely on. This is important for the game to be a success each time. TRUST!  There were no injuries sustained by both teams. At half time Wynberg Girls’ High School led 10 points to 2.  At full time the score was 21 – 3.  In the second half the girls played even better only allowing one point to be scored by Springfield.  Over all there were not many faults made by Wynberg Girls’ High School. However their passing skills can always be improved upon.  Player of the match went to Nomvuyo Nyoni – for her excellence in shooting.