Netball vs St Cyprians

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Best defender: Yeukai Chamba

Best attacker: Emma Horner

Best shooter: Sasha Duncan

It was yet another exciting fixture for the first team netball girls. Wynberg won the toss and started off strong. The game was point for point. Wynberg lead the first quarter 8-7. The shooters had dropped the ball slightly in the second quarter but managed to keep the score line even (11-11). The match continued to be goal for goal. One team losing their centre pass and the other stealing it back – it was ‘tit for tat’. The third quarter score was 13-14 to St Cyprians. Wynberg were determined to win this fixture, by out playing the opposition who play the same style of netball as them. The Wynberg defence was tight, with Yeukai Chamba intercepting many of the St Cyprians’s high passes. The game ended 23-21. A well-deserved win for Wynberg!


Best defender: Nasiphe Cengani

Best attacker: Kayla Budha

Best shooter: Alex Steyn

The second team played an excellent game of netball. They once again showed off their skill at both ends of the court. They dominated the first half, leading 12-6at the break.  The shooters were on point and even went the extra mile by catching their rebounds.  The defenders restricted the St Cyprians shooters from scoring on many occasions. Wynberg continued to play like a strong unit. The defence allowed St Cyprians to only score 4 goals in the second half allowing for the Wynberg attack to press forward and pot their shots. Wynberg won 21-10.


Highest Goal Scorer : Lauren Wiemers

Best Attacker : Zoe Koff

Best Defender : Masi

Half time score : 12-5 to St Cyprians

Full time score : 21-15 to St Cyprians

The first half saw the girls making silly mistakes that caused a couple of centre passes to be overturned in the opponents favour, the girls tried really hard to get the ball back as much as they could, but struggled to find their feet.  the half time score was 12-5 to St.Cyprians.  In the 2nd half Wynberg played really well and as a unit, they managed to convert more goals than our opponents, but ran out of time.  The full time score was 21-15 to St Cyprians


Highest Goal Scorer : Lauren Dawson

Best Attacker : Lelethu

Best Defender : Allison Robertson

Half time score : 9-2 to Wynberg

Full time score : 18-4 to Wynberg

The under 16 B team played a very good game, there was enough communication between all players and showed in the game.  It was one of the best matches that our girls have played together.  The half Time score was 9-2 Wynberg.  In the 2nd half the girls worked even harder, and managed to keep St Cyps to only 2 goals due to a brilliant defence team from Wynberg.  The final score was 18-4 to Wynberg.  The girls had an outstanding game, and the coach was extremely proud of all of the players.


 Highest Goal Scorer : Kayla Morgan

Best Attacker : Lupiwe Poswa

Best Defender : Jenna Grey

Half time score : 9-8 to St.Cyprians

Full time score : 14-13 to St Cyprians

A team played well, the only fault came with the very first centre pass, when St Cyprians intercepted the ball from Wynberg.

Each centre pass taken after that was a goal for St Cyps, and then a goal for Wynberg, it was nail biting right till the end.

With only a few seconds left on the clock with Wynberg in possession of the ball, it was a little too late, when the final whistle went, the game had gone to St Cyps with a score of 14-13.

The girls are beginning to look like a unit, and are excited to have a rematch at the inter school derby.


Highest Goal Scorer : Tyla Rae Hogan

Best Attacker : Okwethu Banisi

Best Defender : Chelsea Dallas

Half time score : 9-7 to St Cyprians

Full time score : 12-11 to St Cyprians

The team started off very slowly and by doing this, allowed St Cyprians to intercept 2 of their centre passes.  Gradually they began to pick up speed, and everyone played a vital role in trying to get the goals back that they had lost out on.  The half time score was 9-7 to St Cyprians. In the 2nd half, positional changes were made by the coach, and the girls played more constructively.  Wynberg restricted their opponents to only 3 goals in the 2nd half and managed to secure 4 goals.  When the final whistle went , the final score was 12-11 to Wynberg.  Well done to the girls that played so well.


Highest goal scorer : Sibongile Mtegha

Best Attacker : Zoe Grigor

Best Defender : Zoe Poole

The game started off at a phenomenal pace and our girls managed to gain an early lead (3-2) at the end of the first quarter.  St Cyprians then got more comfortable and matched Wyberg each time they scored and managed to score 2 additional goals into the half time break, with a score of 7-4 to them.  Our girls got a bit nervous and pressurized and it showed in their performance in the 2nd half. We had loads of opportunities but just couldn’t take the lead.  The final score was 11-9 to St Cyprians. It was a narrow defeat but we are proud with the improvements our girls have shown.