Netball vs Westerford

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Under 14A 

Wynberg played Westerford on the Wednesday at Westerford. Going into half time, the score was 3-2 to Westerford.  The game was really tight, there was a point where any team could have won the game. Westerford took advantage of 2 of Wynberg’s centre passes and as a result the final score was 10-8 to Westerford. Player of the match goes to Jodie Snyders who played Goal Defence.

Under 14B 

The game started out at a pace that Westerford were not able to handle, with the WGHS girls making themselves available at every turn.  The half time score was 7-1 to WGHS.  In the second half the girls did their best to maintain the lead they had created in the first half, lines of communication were open and the girls ended the game with a score of 12-2 in WGHS favour, well done Ladies. Player of the Match was Kaylee Friend.

Under 14C 

Our team didn’t make many foot faults which was a big improvement from our last match. Being that we have not had a loss yet, the girls were excited to get things going. They worked really well together and slowed down when they needed to. The half time score was 7-7, so moving in to the 2nd half the girls settled down, and got to working.  They ended with a score of 11-7 not allowing Westerford to score in the 2nd half. Well done to the C team. Really proud of them. Player of the match was Kayla Barnes

Under 16A 

The girls started the match taking an early lead and continued with it throughout the entire match.  The half time score was 12-5 in WGHS favour.  The girls started the second half very strongly and although there was a couple of mistakes they came back stronger and more determined to improve their game. The girls played well as a team and communicated extremely well. Everybody contributed towards the match and it was a huge team effort. Well done ladies, we looking forward to see future results.  The final score was 20-9 to WGHS. Player of the match goes to Jade De Villiers.

Under 16B 

After starting the match 5 points behind the girls managed to catch and to take the lead by the end of the first half, with a score of 11-10. The match started out slow but our girls managed to quickly take the lead and maintained it throughout the match. Although it was becoming a close game towards the end, the girls pulled through and played as a team to create a large difference in the scores. We ended with a score of 27-13 to WGHS, only allowing Westerford to score thrice in the 2nd half.  The player of the match goes to Lupiwe Poswa in the centre position.

Under 16C 

We did well, our first win for the season, half time score was 2-1 to Wynberg, and we ended with a score of 7-3, we improved in the 2nd half and we look forward to our next match, the player of the match goes to Kayla Walsch.

Under 19B

The under 19B team played against Westerford High School and with the burst of energy from our school, they went in way to quickly, making silly mistakes which cost them the game.  Even though we had a loss of 15-17, the girls kept their spirit up. Player of the match went to Lauren Wiemers, she played beautifully right up until the last minute.