Netball vs Westerford

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Under 14 A

Highest Goal Scorer : Kayla Morgan

Best Attack Player : Kayla Morgan

Best Defence Player : Jenna Grey

Half Time Score : 4-3 in Wynberg’s favour

Full Time Score : 9-9 draw

The game started off at a hectic pace, with the teams equally matched.  It was goal for goal on each centre pass taken.  Wynberg had the upper hand going into the half time break 1 goal ahead.  Towards the middle of the 2nd half Westerford intercepted a Wynberg Centre pass, and managed to equal the score.

The game was extremely intense with both teams fighting for possession of the ball, the most exciting part of the game was in the last minute when both teams tried to get that extra goal to gain the victory, but when the final whistle went, it ended with a score of 9-9.

Under 14 B

Highest Goal Scorer : Coral Hedley and Ashley Timm

Best Attack Player : Okwethu

Best Defence Player : Jade De Villiers

Half Time Score : 6-2 Wynberg

Full Time Score : 12-2

The girls were extremely excited and ready for the competition.  Wynberg got an early lead, converting the majority of Westerford’s centre passes.    The half time score was 6-2 in Wynberg’s favour.  The girls were extremely enthusiastic, and after a hectic training session the day before, they were ready to take on anything.  In the 2nd half the girls upped their game even further, and with the support of the A team players cheering them on, their play went from strength to strength.

A well-deserved victory, ending with a score of 12-2 to Wynberg, player of the match went to CORAL HEDLEY.

Under 16 A

Highest Goal Scorer : Lauren Wiemers

Best Attack Player : Dana Arries

Best Defence Player : Masi Dimbaza

Half Time Score : 9-2 Westerford

Full Time Score : 17-7 Westerford

The game started off well with Wynberg winning Westerford’s first centre pass and scoring off it, after that, it unfortunately went all Westerford’s way.  The girls panicked a bit due to many silly mistakes, which threw them completely off their game. We plan to work on the simple mistakes that were made, and hope for an improvement in our next game.

Under 16 B

Highest Goal Scorer : Lelethu

Best Attack Player : Micheala Pinkham

Best Defence Player : Allison Robertson

Half Time Score : 8-8

Full Time Score : 15-9 Westerford

The girls had a very good half working hard to win each centre pass taken. In the 2nd half  we started to relax a bit, due to silly mistakes, and also changes made by Westerford.  Westeford’s defence worked tirelessly, limiting us to only 1 goal in the second half.  Westerford intercepted quite a few balls, and managed to take the lead in the second half of the game.

We are determined to make the necessary changes to improve on our game, we know what we need to work on, and eager to get going.  A good game played by all.



Best attacker: Sasha Duncan

Best defender: Yeukai Chamba

Player of the match: Lauren Jonathan

This had to be the most nail biting fixture yet. Similar to the second team match, it was a point for point game. Wynberg lead by one in the first quarter (7-6). It continued to be one goal after the other, Westerford managed to catch up. Leaving the score after the second quarter 12 all. You could see the frustration on the players faces, both teams hungry for a convincing win. To their utter disbelief the third quarter ended 18-17 in Wynberg’s favour.

During the last quarter, Wynberg held of Westerford’s offense. Westerford did not score one goal in the last quarter and Wynberg ran away with the score line. The game ended 25-17. Coach Van Rooyen was extremely proud of her teams result. It was a great victory for Wynberg’s first team.


Best Attacker: Alex Steyn

Best Defender: Asanda Masoka

The first half started off point for point with Westerford leading. Unfortunately Wynberg had lost a key player close to the end of the first half, Asanda Masoka, due to injury. The first half ended 9-11 to Westerford. Wynberg came back with a bang in the second half. They restricted Westerford to scoring only one goal and stole many of their centre passes. Wynberg won 18-12.