Oakhill open water Waterpolo tour

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On Thursday, 26 February WGHS 2nd Waterpolo team made the long drive to Knysna to take part in the Oakhill Open Water festival. With our spirits high, we sang the whole way to Knysna. We stayed in an amazing B&B where we received bacon and Eggs every morning, free WiFI and super comfortable rooms. The opening ceremony was held at the waterfront, where all the teams came together for dinner.

We started games on Friday and played right until Sunday when we jumped on the bus and came home. All the games we played were against strong competitors, but we always made an effort to pull our heads up at the end of each match and stick to accomplishing our main goal – Sportsmanship. Throughout tour we made many friends with the different teams amongst whom were Camps Bay, Clarendon and Graeme College. We tried on numerous occasions to join up with Boys’ High, but unfortunately it did not work out and we joined closely with Graeme College who took place as our adopted “Brother School”. At the closing ceremony/social on Saturday night, Graeme College invited us to sit at their table and join them. We all had a great time at the social and ended up winning the sportsmanship award!

On Sunday we woke up early to play our last games. While the tide was low we were able to stand in the ocean which was quite an unusual experience. Swimming in the ocean was huge fun! Before each match, the team made sure we had our rooibos tea to clear our eyes and throats. Because we went to Camps Bay beach the weekend before the tour, we seemed to manage better than we expected. After our last match, which was an extraordinary match where we played brilliant polo and worked very well as a team, we hopped onto the bus and started our long drive home.

A special mention must go to the following girls who received women of the matches in the different matches in each day:

Friday – Casey Valentine and Amber Rose Bailey
Saturday – Tyra Findlay, Amy Strybis, Casey Valentine and Brittany Gutuza
Sunday – Brittany Gutuza and the team.

With our voices gone, many shoulder and back injuries and our heads held high, we accomplished our goal and had an amazing time! We are grateful that we were given the opportunity to go on tour and would like to thank all the parents and sponsors for everything they did to make it possible. We would also like to thank our fabulous Coach and Manager who made tour extra special.

Wonderful memories were made on this tour and it will be a weekend no one will forget! Our grade 11’s look forward to meeting up with all the friends we made again next year in the festival.

We would like to extend our thanks to Classique Medical Consultants for their sponsorship of the Wynberg Girls’ High School Touring Team who were awarded The Sportsmanship Award at the tournament.

-Amy Strybis

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