On the stage alone with an acoustic guitar…

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It was a first for the guitarists… the first concert just for us.  Just an hour was set aside for the event and there was much excitement for many – and perhaps a great deal of nervous energy for others. The stage was set, along with the chairs and stands on the sides; there were refreshments outside the venue (Aileen Curie Hall).

The small audience was welcomed by Mrs Brink – our guitar teacher – who has done so much to provide platforms on which we can perform throughout the year. This was the culmination and a celebration of all of that work.  It was her intention to make it a fairly informal affair and to provide a rich and varied programme. While there were ample opportunities for the girls to perform solos, there were also opportunities to perform duets, trios and quartets and as an ensemble.  From Handel’s Bourrée to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams, the carefully selected pieces spanned both the centuries and the world. The delightful sounds of Spain, Brazil Puerto Rico,  Chili and Bolivia filled the hall, and the audience gave a long and appreciative applause at the end of the evening.

Huge thanks to Mrs Brink without whom the concert would never have happened.

~Report by Aashiqah Regal
(Guitar Ensemble Head)

Guitar Music Concert
Performers in the ensemble concert included: Abbey Anderton, Erin Bredekamp,Si Connolly, Erin Daries, Hannah Farmer,Kimberley Feder, Jordhin Lesch,Michaela Meyer, Amy Muller, Claudia Perrins, Erica Schick, Aqilah Regal and Mrs Vanessa Brink