One Act Inter House Play Competition – the results

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On the last day of term the annual Inter-house One Act Play competition took place. The theme given to  budding playwrights and directors was “This here is Africa.” Names are drawn from a hat to determine which houses would be working together, and teams were given just six weeks to write, cast and direct the plays. Any person involved in theatre will know the enormous challenge in finding a time that suits all for rehearsing, and this year was no exception. For those who take on this challenge, it is a daunting task: patience, commitment, organisational skills, focus, imaginative flair and dramatic expertise are just some of the qualities that are needed. External adjudicators are invited to judge the work of our Grade 11 director-authors, and this year our adjudicators were Kelley-Beth Olifant and Andi Hoole.

This year Kirsten and Copenhagen’s play directed by Daniela Alves and Rebekah Nathan was judged best written and best directed. In second place was Waterloo and Wellesley’s African Nightmare directed by Kaylee Marshall and Kagiso Janjies. Best supporting actress, Delucia Daniels came from this performance and directors were also praised for their special effects. Apsley and Silverlea production, The Fault in our African Stars, was directed by Catelin Marshall and Claire van Tonder supplied us with the Best Actress – Simbongile Makanda and placed fourth was the Constantia and Cavanagh play, Mine Tunnel Vision co directed by Frances Morris and Meg Anderton – who saved the day by offering assistance,even though she had not signed up as director.

We congratulate all girls who participated in this annual competition. It is always an event that is welcomed and much anticipated by the school.

House Play Challenge 2015