Oudtshoorn Exchange  

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The grade 10s were given an opportunity by Ms Van Schalkwyk to go on an exchange to Oudtshoorn from the 12th until the 21st August. Whoever wanted to could apply and Joy Espach and I were ecstatic when she approved our applications. We left Cape Town on Friday 12th August during school in order to arrive in Oudtshoorn before sunset. We drove a tiring 5 hours but enjoyed the passing scenery and small towns. We lived with Ms Van Schalwyk’s parents in a rectory with the most beautiful church opposite it. Since the area is so safe, we were able to walk around in the town.

On Saturday, we visited all the antique stores, curio stores and art galleries. We visited a museum that showed the history of Oudtshoorn. We later went to the ostrich farm where we went into the field to see the ostriches and were also allowed to sit on one. On Sunday, Joy and I met our host parents and went to our respective homes. I lived on a farm 10km away from the town and Joy lived in a town house. We went to school, Oudtshoorn Hoërskool, with our hosts. I enjoyed the school because it is so different to Wynberg Girls’ High School. It was interesting to see the differences between Wynberg and Oudtshoorn. Oudsthoorn is a co-ed school. They start school at twenty past seven and end the day at quarter to two. This was nice because it allowed us, as tourists, to explore more of the town. We went to the Cango Caves and Cango Wildlife. I enjoyed the exchange so much because we experienced a different culture, language and people.

My Afrikaans has definitely improved, owing to the fact that I heard and spoke Afrikaans for a full week. I enjoyed the fact that Oudtshoorn is a small town where everyone knows each other and that the town is so safe to walk around in. This is definitely one of the highlights of my high school career.

Saarah Abrahams