“Our Country’s Good” – from the perspective of a member of the Cast

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Being a part of the cast of this year’s major production has been an absolute honour. The play itself is a captivating play that addresses so many issues that resonate currently:  it really is a play that should not be missed. Because my character is shared, I have been able to watch the play as well as perform in it, and every time I have seen it, I have been profoundly moved and amazed at the professionalism of the performances. I have also had the opportunity to see the director at work. We started rehearsing this play at the beginning of the year: time has flown as we moved from scripted reading to performance. Deuring that time we have been challenged and we have learnt. It has deepened our discussions and expanded the world as we worked to walk in our characters’ big shoes. At the end of this process it is now not uncommon to address each other by our stage names. We have grown together and some great people have been met along the way.

It has been an extraordinary experience working with Keenan. His vision, his choice of play on the occasion of the school’s 175th anniversary is one that will be remembered. His attention to detail, use of space, costume design worked to inspire: we cannot thank him enough for all he did for us. The skills we learnt on stage will be ones I will definitely use in the future. During the process there have been shifts from what might be comfortable to include an expanded and enriched  perspective.

The first production in which I performed in high school in grade 8 was directed by Keenan Oliphant and now, in matric, the last Major Production has been directed by Keenan Oliphant too. I can’t think of a better way to end my high school acting career.

Danny Alves


In the words of Ms Glover – drama teacher at Wynberg Girls’ High

Just to say to Cape Town friends and ex Wynberg Boys and Girls…if you have not been down to Boys’ High and seen Keenan’s astounding production of “Our Country’s Good” – you have/are doing yourselves a disservice!! It is the most amazing school production I have ever seen…raising so many topics of discrimination on all levels! The direction, acting, staging et al are of a professional level!! The youth of both schools are lucky beyond to have been exposed to this piece as well as Keenan’s passion and talent!!! Bravo!!!! and again – Bravo!!!

A standing ovation, well deserved!