Our Jazz Band delight audiences at their fundraiser

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In an effort to raise funds for sheet Music, the Jazz Band planned a show which would be performed on Thursday, 21st and Friday 22nd August in our school hall. While the school may have been unaware of the hours of practice required for such a show, there was very little doubt that much time had been given for this stellar show.

The hall was beautifully decorated with musical instruments as the centerpieces on each of the tables, and the tables and chairs adorned with sophisticated black décor.  The energy and excitement of the  Jazz Band was palpable on both nights. The theme of the show was 1920’s Flapper and the Jazz members wore formal black dresses with red-sequined headbands sporting a feather. There was an effort to compile a programme that was varied, and suitable for audiences who were not necessarily hard core Jazz enthusiasts! The repertoire transported the audience back to the 1920s, 80s and 90s!

This was the last concert that the Matric Jazz Band members performed in.  The matrics Carla Stokes, Robyn Burrows, Yeukai Chamba and Dominique Jacobs, were hard-pressed not to be emotional towards the end of the evening.

The closing night was packed with a full and enthusiastic audience, who danced, applauded enthusiastically  and gave a standing ovation at the end of the evening.  The fundraiser was certainly a resounding success and the Jazz Band would like to thank Ms Pearce particularly for all that she has invested in us!

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