Paying Tribute to Pi

While every Pi Day is special, only one in every one hundred years can have the date of 3/14/15, the first five digits of the legendary irrational number.  At Wynberg Girls’, the annual Pi Day celebrations were held on Friday, 13 March, and provided an excellent chance for house competitions.

In preparation for Friday, the matrics met in the Wellington Quad on Thursday for a pi photo, where they arranged themselves so that the grade formed a pi shape.


The next event was a house cupcake-decorating competition, with pi being the theme for decoration.  Bright and early on Friday morning, a representative from each house dropped off their batch of cupcakes at the Consumer Studies room, and the judges quickly got to work, basing their decisions on relevance to the pi theme and the cupcakes’ aesthetic appeal.  Judging proved to be an extremely difficult task, as the cupcakes looked as if they had come straight from a food magazine.  Well done to Cavanagh who won the challenge! The cupcakes, after being judged, were sold during break to raise funds for Academic Outreach.

As has become an eagerly-anticipated tradition over the last few years, a house pi recital was held in the gym during break, with one teacher and one student representing each house.  The silence from the audience was absolute as each representative went up for their recital.  Everyone did exceptionally well, but special congratulations go to Mrs Hartmann, of Waterloo, who came first out of the teachers, and to Layla Omar, who recited an astounding 414 digits of pi, winning the student recital for Silverlea!

As the typical number of digits of pi recited seems to be rising over the years, and after this year’s success, one cannot help but anticipate next year’s Pi Day!