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1st Team

Vs St Cyprians 0-2 loss

The Wynberg team rocketed out of the starting blocks in anticipation of a tough game against the determined St Cyps team. Wynberg had a convincing drive into the oppositions’ territory for the first 5 minutes of the game and pressurised the St Cyp’s defence, but just could not convert their chances. In a quick counter-attack, the St Cyps midfield released the ball early to their eager strikers who drew first blood. The Wynberg team continued to battle on but the St Cyps goalkeeper pulled off some massive saves and on another pacey counterattack, their captain dived to nudge the ball into the goals.

Vs Springfield 0-1 loss

This Springfield side would eventually go on to win the U19 Tournament but the Wynberg girls showed that they were not going to give an inch. Nicole Alexander & Berzilee Pipes showed determination and grit as they worked hard to collect ball and disrupt the Springfield structure. We were unlucky not to score but even more unlucky when a shot from outside our defensive circle rebounded off the goalpost straight onto a Springfield stick and into the goals. The team struggled to come back from this setback but just could not find that equaliser.

Vs Herschel 0-0 draw

The turning point for the Wynberg team was this game, largely thanks to the massive efforts of Sasha Sivertsen in midfield as she turned over a number of attacks and created some near scoring opportunities for the Wynberg team. Her larger-than-life presence in the middle of the field inspired the team to push hard to the winning goal and they were so nearly rewarded in the last 3 minutes of the game as Jamie Southgate cut the defence to create a great chance to clinch a win. The game was a hard-fought battle with big contributions from Valeshka Harkhu in goals, Donna Jacobs & Robyn Burrows in defence as well as Amina Williams up front.

 Vs Rustenburg 1-0 win

All the effort went into securing a win for this game and the Wynberg team are to be commended on their gritty performance. They played structured and organised hockey throughout and created a number of near scoring opportunities for the strikers and links. After a number of extremely close calls, Jamie Southgate was able to crash her shot home for the winning goal.

We were proud to improve on our final placing from last year and finished 4th ahead of Rustenburg.


The U16A hockey side recorded some good results at the inter-schools hockey tournament on Friday and Saturday. The results were as follows:

Vs Springfield won 1-0

Vs Sans Souci won 4-0

Vs St Cyprians won 1-0

Vs Herschel lost 3-0

Vs Rustenburg lost 1-0

Wynberg played some positive hockey and finished a creditable 3rd in the tournament. Well done to the team and to all our goal-scorers [Demi (2), Zoe (2), Lisa and Saarah]. It has been encouraging to see how the girls have grown over the course of the season and are learning to play better positional hockey and play in a more structured and strategic manner.


Final position: 2nd in the U14 category

Springfield: 0-0

The first game against Springfield started out with high and frenetic energy. Both sides ran themselves exhausted up and down the field. Play was mostly in the Springfield half with Wynberg getting a good few shots at the goal. Towards the end of the match Springfield pushed hard and took a few shots at the Wynberg goal but failed to score. A last desperate attempt to score by Jenna Grey sadly went wide and the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

San Souci: 9-0 to Wynberg Girls’ High School

San Souci barely had an opportunity to move into the Wynberg half as Wynberg kept pressing them into conceding fruitful shortys…nevermind the free for all scoring. Jenna Grey scored three times and Maree Petersen, Rebecca Franklin, Taara Abrahams, Kelsey Lodewyk, Kayla Morgan and Olivia Walker each got one. There was excellent teamwork and the ball was passed confidently between the Wynberg players.

St Cyprians: 3-0 to Wynberg Girls’ High School

Wynberg scored early when Jenna Grey got a great opportunity in the first two minutes . Wynberg won a shorty and Maree Petersen scored off a well thought out attack. St Cyprians fought back to move the game into the Wynberg half. A wild swing floored Aliyah Dollie and left her with a stinging but otherwise whole finger. Wynberg managed to score off another shorty, the ball was gently pushed into the goals by Olivia Walker and Maree Petersen. With 5 minutes to go both keepers were pulled off the field and both teams had good shots at the goals but there was no more scoring.

Herschel: 1-0 to Herschel Girls’ High School

The toughest competition of the tournament and the Wynberg team played their hearts out. Some of the fastest and most attacking hockey yet. Herschel got a good chance in the first 3 minutes and scored leaving Wynberg fighting back for the remainder of the match. The game moved between both sides of the field with both Herschel and Wynberg getting shortys. With 5 minutes to go the Wynberg keeper, Cayleigh Hanekom was pulled off the field in order to increase the chances of scoring. Aliyah Dollie again got the unfortunate end of a stick and had to sit out the last 10 minutes with a bruised arm. The game got desperate and a Herschel player was sent off. It was unfortunate that Wynberg didn’t score since it was some of the best hockey of the season.

Rustenburg: 2-0 to Wynberg Girls’ High School

The game started fast with Wynberg attacking hard, this was rewarded with a goal from Jenna Grey. Rustenburg responded well and forced three shortys within 5 minutes, this provided for some tense watching but the Wynberg defence was solid. With 10 minutes to go, Hajira Lockhart scored after the team made some beautiful passes to get the game into Rustenburg’s half. Once again Rustenburg attacked and two more shortys against Wynberg successfully defended. A good end to a successful tournament.