Photography – Under pressure…

Photography ChallengeIn the Photography Society’s lesson on the 16 March, Valentina introduced a photography scavenger hunt. This was created so to teach the girls about working with their cameras and settings while under pressure.

The girls were separated into teams of two, and were given a list of specific photos that they had to take, along with a surprise item that would feature in a “wild card” photograph.
The girls were given 40 minutes to produce the photos required: if they did not produce these photos in the time limit, then points were taken off of their score card. The score cards that they were given were to be used to mark their peers. Every student was given the chance to view the others work and to mark the others.
The girls had a great deal of fun working on the assignment despite the challenges that they faced. It was an experience that gave them some insight into how a photojournalist might have to work quickly and with deadlines. Overall it was a great lesson to end the term on.