Planning for the year ahead with the EnviroClub

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Hermanus farmers marketOn Friday the EnviroClub girls set off to Betty’s Bay for a weekend that aimed to be as sustainable as possible, to bond and to plan for the following year of EnviroClub.

We started of the weekend by doing a beach walk at sunset and then began preparing one of the many delicious meals we were to eat that weekend. Everyone was suprisingly exhausted that night so the decision of an early evening was made to prepare us for a full Saturday.

We woke early on Saturday morning and made our way to the Hermanus Farmers’ Market where we brought almost all of the fresh ingredients we would need for the next day and a half. It was lovely to support local farmers and we made sure to take reusable shopping bags with us! After lunch and a relaxing afternoon spent taking in the beautiful scenery we regrouped and had an Enviro-club brainstorming session where we verbalised our goals for the following year and how we plan to further green the school. We made a delicious supper of vegetable potjie and braaied bread and ended the day by watching a documentary about the food industry and its effect on the environment.

On Sunday we did a small beach clean up and appreciated the beautiful beach.

The Enviro-Camp was a productive and fun experience and left all the members with a renewed appreciation for the environment.