Proud moment for young Scientists at Wynberg

Every year, the Science Department, under the guidance of Mr Peter Bodenstein, Mrs Nazeeba Moerat and Mr David Machado, encourage students from Wynberg to participate in the Royal Society’s National School Science Essay competition.

It was a very proud moment for them, for Wynberg, but particularly the five prize winners when Professor Tom Scriba attended the school for a prize presentation. We congratulate the following girls who won awards for their essays on these challenging and thought-provoking topics:

Meg Anderton  was awarded second prize for her response to the topic: ‘What advances in robotics and artificial intelligence could impact on youth employment in South Africa?’

Chelsea Terry was awarded first prize for her essay on the topic: ‘How can South Africa address the challenges of water conservation?’ and Aa’isha Dout was awarded third prize.

Addressing the topic: ‘Given the recent palaeontological discoveries in South Africa, why is it important for us to study and understand human origins?’’ Chloë van Niekerk was awarded first prize, and will have her work published by the Royal Society and Nicole Chineka’s work was awarded a merit prize. All of these girls are in Grade 12, and we commend them on their very fine achievements.