Pseudo-Murder for Science Week

On 2 February, Wynberg girls, coming out from assembly to second break, were greeted by a shocking sight.  In the Wellington quad, the corpse of Ashleigh Thompson, our head of school, was covered with a white sheet, investigators hovering around, clipboards in hand and taking note of any evidence they found for the investigation into her murder.

Thankfully, Ashleigh’s murder, and the investigation around it, was faked as part of science week, an event organised by the academic committee to raise enthusiasm for scientific fields.  Over the course of that week, students were presented with five clues from the investigation, such as WhatsApp conversations between her and suspects and alibis.  Profiles of these suspects were put up on Edmodo and the academic noticeboard, as was the evidence.

On Thursday, the time had come for our ‘police’ to hear the public’s suspicions.  Wynberg girls met the lead investigators at the academic noticeboard to try to guess the murderer.  Through this, a true Holmes emerged- Mu’minah Salie.  She correctly identified the murderess and that the crime was committed out of spite, as the murderess had been jealous of a relationship between the victim and her boyfriend, Lichen E. Coli, who the murderess had introduced to Ashleigh originally.

Gertrude Hatfield, the murderess, was successfully arrested on 9 February.

Investigators examine the crime scene for clues.

Investigators examine the crime scene for clues.