Report on Greenpop Festival of Action

Zambia Festival of Action: an opportunity not to be missed!

If you have not already heard about Greenpop or the Zambia Festival of Action, do yourself a life-changing favour and do some research as soon as possible: #amazing #opportunities #incredible #inspiring #teamwork

Are you interested in becoming environmentally active? Wanting to take a step out of your comfort zone? The Zambia Festival of Action enabled us to do this.

Working alongside so many like-minded people to serve a common goal is certainly an empowering thing to be a part of. Several Wynberg Girls’ attended this year’s festival. Not one of us emerged unchanged. We learnt more about ourselves and others than is often learnt in years of formal tuition.

Meet the new experience: soil underneath our fingernails; stiffness of physical labour from plant days at local farms around Livingstone; communion with the local farmers, where the need to communicate enables one to push through language barriers to achieve the common goal of planting hundreds of trees through real collaboration and hard work.

We went to schools around Livingstone and in an Eco-Education project we worked with kids to plant trees, create eco-bricks, start up micro-nurseries and had conversations about the importance of caring for our environment. We learnt from their enthusiasm. We learnt from them about being environmentally active. We built rocket stoves in communities, learnt about simple and sustainable living, took part in permaculture workshops, learned how to meditate and listened to inspiring talks. Some of us even got involved in creating the beautiful mural (inspired by bees and trees in our everyday lives) in the centre of Livingstone.

It was a totally immersive experience for us: from the community we shared our lives with, to the language we spoke to the food we ate.

Have a look at the Greenpop website and take the opportunity to grow. If you are worried about the cost of the festival, many of our girls this year took part in the ‘Trees for Fees’ campaign and raised enough money to attend the programme through these fundraising activities. Any one of those who attended the festival would be more than willing to give you some ideas for your fundraising. The sooner you start the more you can raise! Take a leap; it is an experience of a lifetime. For more information visit their website.