Results: 3rd Team Hockey vs Milnerton

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Hockey stickThe Wynberg Girls’ 3rd team played against the Milnerton 2nd team on the Saturday, 30 July in a fantastic game of hockey. Both sides were evenly matched and displayed huge efforts to win a goal for their side. The Wynberg 3rd team did not falter in the attack after Milnerton scored the first goal of the game, giving them the advantage. Instead, the team pulled together and came back with even more determination. After many shots on goal defended by the Milnerton goal keeper, Wynberg was finally able to catch the keeper off guard and scored a fantastic goal. Both sides tried for more goals, but were unsuccessful, keeping the audience on their seats the whole way through. With this 1-1 draw, the Wynberg team can be confident about their skill and determination to try and win the upper hand. Although the score does not reflect the sheer effort of the game, the girls look forward to their next match and are ready to earn a rightful victory.