Results: Chess vs Groote Schuur

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ChessThe 27 February was a day to be remembered: the Wynberg Girls’ High chess team lost their first chess game of the term. Having not played Groote Schuur High school before, we did not know what to expect.

The team consisted of Mu’minah Salie on 4th board, India Babb on 3rd board, Miché Daniels on 2nd board and Annika Lefson on 1st.  Playing a team of all boys is always intimidating because they are stereotypically “better” at chess than girls are. Across all the boards, Groote Schuur had excellent openings. Wynberg had to step up their game. Mu’minah got lots of ‘Checks’ in, but unfortunately lost her game. Making the score at that moment 2-0 to Groote Schuur.

Soon after Mu’minah, Miché lost her game. The score at the time was now 4-0. It was up to Annika and India to win their games for us to draw and stay undefeated. When Annika won her game, it gives us all hope and India a bit more confidence.

Watching a game of chess is sometimes more stressful than actually playing it! As we watched India’s game, all were feeling apprehensive. India was one move away from checkmate. Everything was starting to look up, but unluckily she missed the opportunity. A few moves down the line, India was once again one move from checkmate. Again, unfortunately, she missed the move again. That was when the game turned around and Groote Schuur checkmated us. In the end, we lost 6-2. Our team wanted to be unbeaten this term, but perhaps a loss will give us the fuel to be better. Certainly we aim to learnt from our mistakes.

Miché Daniels