Results: Chess vs Sans Souci

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Chess (5)On the most chilling date, Friday the 13th, our chess team played their second game of the term. Our team for that game consisted of 3 newcomers, Grade 8’s Annika, Rachel and Mumina, and our captain Miché. Annika played first board, Miché played second, Rachel played third and Mumina played fourth. We faced a strong opponent – a team who have always beaten us in the past, San Souci.

Our gruelling matches took determination, tenacity and bold moves to get us the outcome we desired. After roughly 30 minutes of playing Annika secured her second victory of the term putting our score 2-0. Mumina finished her game after Annika also managing to win her game. Unfortunately Rachel lost her game which meant the fate of the team was hanging on our captain, who was still playing her game. If Miché lost, we would tie with San Souci 4-4; if she won we would finally beat San Souci.

San Souci’s second board had already lost her Queen, so it meant that she had lost her most powerful piece. After nearly 45 minutes of playing a tough match, our Captain came through and our Chess team finally beat San Souci, 6-2.