Results: Indoor Hockey vs Herschel

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indoor hockey1st Team
The 1st team played a tough game against Herschel, going down 6-0. The first half of the game wasn’t our best and Herschel took advantage of some indecisive defending and poor movement on attack. But we never gave up and came back in the 2nd half of the game with far more possession and more opportunities. Again, what cost us was our inability to take advantage of our scoring opportunities and penalty corner count. Hard luck, girls but we learnt a lot from this game and look forward to implementing our lessons in our next fixture.

2nd Team
With this being only our second match together, the girls were rather unprepared for the aggressive Herschel team who attacked relentless and held exceptional possession. The team was determined to keep working hard to try and create attacking opportunities and were rewarded when Aliya Lewis put a ball past the Herschel keeper. Our poor marking and communication resulted in a flurry of goals for the Herschel team, despite our goalkeeper, Sisi Dingeni’s best efforts. While the scoreline was disappointing, we will pick ourselves up and do better next week.

3rd Team
In this second game of the season the Grade 8 Third team were up against a more experienced Herschel team who were relentless in their attack. Despite their possession advantage, they only managed to score in the 7th and 12th minutes of the game. Grace Cochrane, our goalie and captain, played an outstanding game keeping most of the shots flying at her out of the box. Other players that showed good skill were Kaitlyn Wilson who worked hard to and Skye Murray who defended well and created a number of attacking opportunities. With one minute to go Herschel managed to score the last goal. WGHS thus lost with 0-3. The girls will use this game as very good learning experience and go forward into the next game looking for a win.