Results: Netball vs Westerford

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NetballOn Thursday, 21 July Wynberg’s second team netball girls played against Westerford. Their coach says that it was one of the tightest matches she has ever watched. The second team only let one of their centre passes get into Westerford’s hands in the first half,  but Westerford didn’t allow Wynberg to do the same. Thus, the score at half time was 10-8 in Westerford’s favour.

The team felt a bit downtrodden, knowing that they were playing very well and could not get back the centre pass they had lost. It was difficult to start on the backleg in the second half because there was no room for error. However, against all odds, the girls didn’t let the pressure get to them and were able to come back in the second half.
The last few seconds were crucial as Westerford had the ball and were near the circle area. It was a tie at this point and Wynberg did not want to lose on the very last. The defence managed to get the ball off Westerford, not allowing them to score. The whistle blew ending with a score of 19-19. Wynberg were upset that they were so close to winning, but relieved that they in the very least managed not to lose since it was such a close match.
Well done girls and next time we know you’ll be victorious!