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NetballOn the 19th and 20th August, Wynberg Girls’ High Schools’ netball teams participated in the annual PGSGU netball tournament. This takes place over a period of two days, with the U14 and U16A teams playing at Rustenburg Girls’ High on the Friday and the U19A team playing at Herschel Girls’ School on the Saturday. This tournament consists of 6 schools who all play against each other in matches of 8 and a half minutes.

On the Friday, the U14’s did not unfortunately play to their best ability in all of the matches, losing 4 out of the 5 matches, with a win against Sans Souci High School 6-4. While they did not win all their matches, the U14’s had a positive attitude throughout the tournament, and were the first ones to to offer spirited support for our school. They played a phenomenal match against Herschel Girls’ High fighting hard for the lead, and conceding points most unwillingly. Despite their hard efforts, a few careless mistakes crept in resulting in a loss of 9-7. However it was an extremely exciting match to watch. Ultimately the U14’s came 5th out of the 6 schools present. They showed great sportsmanship and remained positive throughout the tournament.

On the same day, the U16’s played exceptionally well across all their matches, ensuring that the opposition had to fight in order to beat them. They won 3 out of the 5 of their matches. They played incredibly tight games with St Cyprian’s School for Girls (5-4 to Wynberg) and against Herschel (5-6 to Herschel). These matches were a pleasure to watch as the girls kicked themselves into a different gear and made sure not to give up during the match. The U16’s came 4th out of the 6 schools, with Herschel winning the tournament for their age group. What stood out was their courtesy and sportsmanship

The following day was the U19A’s day of the tournament. This was a highly anticipated day as during the course of the league matches, our U19’s had experienced many bumps along the way. They were determined to prove themselves to the other teams: Wynberg would not accept defeat without a fight. Nerves were high that morning as they were playing in the first match against Herschel, who is a tough opponent. The girls went into the match with a goal of shortening the goal average between this match and their league match in order to show that there had been improvement during the season. From the first whistle, our girls played an incredible game, which only encouraged our girls to do better. They accomplished their goal, shortening the goal difference from 7 to 4 goals, and although they lost the first match 10-6, they were extremely happy about having shown improvement during the season. The following match was against Springfield. This too was a very tight game and had spectators sitting on the edge of their seats. By half time the score was 6-5 to Wynberg. Our girls were full of energy and ready to continue to fight. They managed to hold onto the lead until the very end, when Springfield managed to get past our defence and scored a goal which led to a draw between the teams of 11-11. After a long break Wynberg played against Sans Souci which they won by a large margin of 21-3, this goal difference would help if the placing untimely came down to goal differences. The second last match was the highlight of the day as Wynberg played against St Cyprian’s School for Girls. Wynberg had previously lost to them in the weeks leading up to the tournament,  and they were determined to prove themselves this time around. It was a tense match for both teams, and had spectators watching most anxiously. At half time, the score was 3-5 to St Cyprians. This set our girls onto a determined course and they came back in the second half in a very focused way. The scores were tied in the last minute of the game and our defence managed to intercept the ball in order to bring it back to our shooters. By the time they got the ball into the circle, they only had 4 seconds to shoot. The crowd were standing by this stage cheering for Wynberg to secure that goal. Our GA (Natasha Claasen) managed to score the winning goal in that last 4th second, giving us great cause to celebrate. The whole Wynberg U19 players (on court and off court) rushed together to celebrate this win of 10-9. The final match against Rustenburg resulted in a loss of 4-13. Overall Wynberg ended up placing 3rd overall out of the 6 schools present: a position we were delighted with!

A huge congratulations to all our girls who took part this weekend. We are very proud of your results. Special mention goes to our matric netball players, as this was their very last inter-schools tournament and one of their last matches. We wish you all the best for the years ahead.