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NetballOn Monday, 13th June the U19B team played against Herschel. It was their first match after exams ,but luckily the girls were fully prepared as they had trained throughout the exam period and it certainly paid off.

The U19 B team dominated the whole match – both the first and second halves. They did not allow much space for their opponents to move around in. Thus, there were many interceptions from Wynberg. The girls kept up the pressure and Herschel struggled to pass to any players as none seemed to be open. Many times Herschel was blown up for taking over three seconds to pass the ball.
The woman of the match went to Dana Arries, but the whole team worked hard to produce a final score of 23-4 in Wynberg’s favour. Although there were a few footwork problems and bad throws, they kept them to a minimum.  Wynberg didn’t allow for many errors and played a beautiful game of netball. As their coach said, “ I felt proud watching you play.” Well done to our U19B team and keep up it up!