Results: Waterpolo vs Rhenish and Somerset College

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The u14Bs started off a tremendous day of Waterpolo with a 4-3 win over their opposition. Coached by one of our own (Kirsten Roodman), the team showed great heart and sportsmanship while working together to defeat an equally tenacious Rhenish side.
Our u16Bs suffered an unfortunate loss, with their fitness letting them down, but they still managed to fight until the very end.
For the second win of the day, our u14As claimed a well-deserved win and proved to be the stronger side with a 15-1 victory. Definitely a stunning way to recover from the defeat to Westerford earlier in the week.

The Wynberg stars weren’t finished yet, as our u16As held their opposition to a 5-all draw after some nail-biting polo! The girls were determined to perform their best and push themselves by taking chances to scoring goals and defend. The game was tough but in the third and fourth chukka Wynberg stepped up their game.  Mia Stock performed an amazing back shot while Camryn Ducroq and Layla Adams were persistent throughout the game and Lara Mills was determined to keep the ball out, playing for the first season in goals.

The u19Bs also gave the home crowd an epic match and beat their opposition 8-5. Despite having limited players, the girls pulled through and made a great start to the season. Most Valuable 2nd Team Player of the day goes to Aneeqah Davids, the goalie, who blocked some amazing attempts at goals, all with a smile on her face. The girls look forward to growing even stronger as a team and keeping their winning streak as they keep training and
working towards their upcoming tour.

Lastly, the First Team ended off a great afternoon of Waterpolo with a bang as they went on to beat their opposition in double digits and without conceding a single goal.

Most Valuable Players of the game include the two goalkeepers for running great defence to ensure a clean sheet. Shout out to the rest of the team for assisting one another to score goals, being tenacious on defence and supporting one another in an extremely physical contest.
Thanks to all the Wynberg Supporters who were out there spurring all the teams on, as well as Mr Bodenstein and the Tech Table. Well done to all our Wynberg stars and we look forward to the next round of fixtures against Somerset College!