Rock of Ages Concert

Every year, the cultural and service pillars of the Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools work together to hold a concert for the elderly. It was clear from the start that both Huda and TyraLee, Heads of the Service and Cultural Pillars at Wynberg Girls’ High had given much thought to making the afternoon special for our guests. Tables were simply and imaginatively decorated and programmes were place on the seats of their guests. Members of the service pillar worked busily in the kitchen arranging platters for the tables, while the Occasions Team decorated the tables and performers had last minute practices.

The wrapt attention of the audience as they watched polished performances from our Vocal Ensemble and Dance Society was heartwarming, and there was much delight as one of the elderly gentlemen got to his feet to dance with one of our girls as the rhythms of our jazz band seduced him. Perhaps prompted by his lead, another young 70 year-old in a symphony of blue and pearls couldn’t resist the opportunity for a party and got to her feet as the Marimba bands performed for them. (She explained at the end of the afternoon that she had recently had an operation on her ankle and that she was less agile than she had been.)

There was much animated and excited and perhaps envious discussion after the performance of our belly dancers, and quiet resonance with the Drama girls’ message in the story of Mrs Jones. The well-rehearsed and beautiful harmonies produced by our Ubuntu Society was a fitting way to end the afternoon. We’d like to thank the staff and students who were involved in the event: it certainly was appreciated by our guests.