Rock of Ages Concert

Every year the service and cultural pillars work together to create an afternoon’s entertainment for the elderly. While the Head of Service from each of the schools works at hosting the event, organising the invitations, the transport and the comfort of our guests, the Heads of Culture are responsible for organising a programme of entertainment which we always hope will be entertaining and enjoyable.

Residents of several homes for the elderly were invited to spend the afternoon with us, but we were pleasantly surprised as other family members – mums, baby brothers and grandmothers – took the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon of light entertainment with all of us.

The entertainment organised by Beth Petersen included a standard variety of song, dance and music. Dance performances included some Hip Hop and contemporary dance from our Dance Society; there were performances from the Ubuntu and the African Societies and there were instrumental performances from our Marimba Band (Ubaya O2 and Kryptonite) and Orchestra – How to Train Your Dragon. There were solo performances from the Wynberg Boys’ High “Concert in the Quad” evening and a couple of catchy numbers from our Jazz Band such as Tayla Swift’s “Shake it off” and Peggy Lee’s “Fever”.