“Rock of Ages” Concert

In previous years, Wynberg Girls’ Service and Cultural Pillars hosted a “Concert and Tea for the Elderly”. This is a concert  organised and hosted by Wynberg Girls’ and Boys’ High Schools for elderly from various old age homes. Students involved in the Cultural and Service pillars get involved either in the hosting or the performing. This year we put a fresh twist on the old classic and presented the Rock of Ages Concert!

With the help of the Wynberg Boys’ Service and Cultural Pillar, we were able to host the concert for 53 residents from Murambi House, Plumstead Rusoord, Sunnyside Lodge and Brenthurst Lodge. Wynberg students were kitted out in black and red and the Aileen Curry Hall was abuzz with friendly volunteers and happy guests.

While the Head of Service from each of the schools works at hosting the event, and organising the invitations, the transport and the comfort of our guests, the Heads of Culture are responsible for organising a programme of entertainment which we always hope will be entertaining and enjoyable. There is little doubt that this was thoroughly enjoyed: very, very quickly, in response to the upbeat rhythms created by our Jazz Band, one of the guests was prompted to dance with one of our girls. Clearly this delighted the audience, and so the mood of the afternoon was set. Our choir gave an achingly beautiful performance of  Little Drummer Boy  and the work choreographed and performed by our Grade 10 Dance Studies girls, and introduced by Lauren Gildenhuys showed just a little of the depth of thinking and the quality of the work done in our Dance Department.

Baroque Ensembles, Marimba Bands and Steel Bands introduced a variety of styles of music – all hugely appreciated and entertaining, and the performances of  Goodnight Sweetheart and Dem Bones by the Boys’ High Vocal Ensemble amused, delighted and stole the heart of everyone there. Our vocal trio, Anna Jacobs, Tatum Fortune and Stephanie Barwise gave a performance of Sing a Song of Sixpence that took the breath of many a guest away, and the delightful Jingle Bell Rock performed by gorgeous girls in the Vocal Ensemble left an elderly gentleman complaining that he would have liked to have led the audience in a standing ovation. “It was all over too soon” and “I’m so glad I came” and “What an extraordinary school” were common cries.

We couldn’t agree more.

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