Samazing Race 2015

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On Wednesday the 5th of August the Sports’ Pillar hosted an exciting event called the Samazing Race, the Sports’ Amazing Race. Despite the cold weather of the previous day, the day of this event turned out to be a beautiful one, perfect for the challenges which the participants completed.

Each team had to complete the six challenges in the shortest amount of time possible. They all received clues which guided them to the respective challenge venues. Each team member had to participate in every challenge and work together in order to ensure completion. The teams had to: complete a unicycle leg, a first for the participants; run about and then shoot hoops in the gym hall; slide on boxes while sitting down; play a team game of tennis with a twist; toss their shoes into boxes a set distance away; and aim and shoot ammunition at set targets.

The event kicked off in the Ballet hall with the participants being briefed on how the race was to work, after which they received their first clues and raced off to try and be the winning team.

The afternoon was great fun and packed with excitement! All of the teams completed the race in very good time and the winning team were over the moon with excitement when they found out that they had won. The girls in the winning team were: Kelly Cross, Kirstie Ludski, Zoë Koff and Charissa Page, who all received a R150 Cavendish voucher to reward their first place finish.The teams were very enthusiastic and all thoroughly enjoyed the race with the added ingredient of fun rivalry between the teams. Once all of the teams had finished the race, a prize giving was held to reward and acknowledge all of the participants and even those who helped with the organizing of the event.After much fun and action, the teams went home having truly enjoyed their afternoon, wanting to take part in the race again. The closing of the event was marked with smiles and laughter heading off into the distance.

Samazing Race