Sarah-Jane Competes in the Laser Nationals

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Sarah-Jane Deary entered the 2015 Laser Nationals in the 4.7 class which took place in Durban over the long weekend. The Laser class is the breeding ground for many of South Africa’s top sailors. It is amongst these sailors that Sarah-Jane sailed off-shore in the warm and sunny waters just off Durban’s famous beaches.

The Laser 4.7 Class was well represented with fellow Cape Town sailors who also provided the toughest competition. First day of sailing was off to a flying start with two races in rough seas but not to strong winds. Sarah-Jane did not hesitate to make the most of every opportunity and was determined to do well, finished 2nd and a 4th. The 4th was to be her worst result and she used it as a platform to build on. Out of the 9 races she was placed second five times and eventually led to her final position of second overall and first girl in her class.

Each race was about an hour, with waiting time on the water in between (sailors don’t come ashore between races), Sarah-Jane spent more than 15 hours sailing and this excludes on the land preparation and derigging each day.