Senior and Junior Debating Trials – Our Teams are Chosen

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Keep calmOn Friday the 19th of February, the second round of debating trials were held with the new coach, Kate Dewey adjudicating.

Four debates were held (two junior and two senior)  to choose girls, who show a lot potential.

The junior team for 2016 consists of Amarachi Vazidlule, Zaran Noordien, Olivia Jenkins, Agape Thamar and Stacey Muzanya.

The senior team for this year has been split into an A and B team. The A team consists of Aqilah Regal, Stacey Goliath, Ashleigh Cozzet and Thandeka Chakanyuka. The B team consists of Zoey Van Reenan, Mikayla Schilder, Lilitha Njobe and Esethu Mahlumba.

Our first Rotary debate is on Monday the 29th of February.