Senior Marimba Band receives highest marks in this category for fifth consecutive year! WOW!

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Our Marimba bands did exceptionally well at the the FACETS Competition!
The Junior Marimba Band won the prize for “Best Junior High School Band” and received a mark of 94% (placing them 2nd overall in the main category). Colleen Hart, the adjudicator, presented their band with a collection of her marimba books volume 1 & 2 as a prize for being the best junior high school band (no other band received a prize, so this was very special indeed!).
Our Senior marimba band tied for first place with the St Cyprians grade 10 band – they both achieved 95%! The competition was tougher this year than ever before (they had to compete with 16 marimba bands in their category this year). Our senior marimba band has consistently received the highest marks in their category for the last 5 years at FACETS and I think they deserve a special mention in assembly (if possible), seeing as this was their last FACETS Eisteddfod and they managed to keep their winning streak going till the end!

Kiara Ramklass expressed her immense pride in our marimba bands and how well they represented the school last night!