The Service Pillar Needs Your Help

On Monday the 14 April, the Head of Service, Lisa Abrahams led the assembly to encourage girls to participate in various aspects of the Wynberg Service Pillar. These include joining societies, applying for committees and choosing to do outside community service in order to meet some of the needs of the broader community.

The girls were shown a video produced by the Film Society – ‘Journey of a Wynberg Sandwich’ In producing this clip, we wanted the school to have a very clear understanding of precisely what happened to the sandwiches which they make on a weekly basis. In the film we were able to show precisely what impact this small gesture has on lives of all children at Capricorn Primary, where our sandwiches are delivered each week.

The Comfy and Cozy Clothing Collection has also been initiated and girls are encouraged to bring in clothing items to support Eco Drive, an organization aiming to supply entrepreneurs with clothing to sell in their townships. Through this initiative there is both job creation as workers sort through and resell clothing which is provided to those desperately in need.

There will also be a book collection, where reading books will be distributed to various schools and organizations in desperate need of new books. Both challenges will conclude on the 9 May 2014.

Girls are also reminded of the continuous bread tag and bread and fruit collection every Thursday morning.