Service Pillar Focuses on Caring for Animals

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Term 1’s theme for service put the focus on animals. We did this by having the Campaign Against Hunting present an informative talk during service assembly. The pet food drive kicked off at the beginning of the term where all girls were encouraged to collect pet food within their respective tutor groups. All collected pet food was donated to TEARS animal rescue. A total of 117x dog food (tins and packets); 21x cat food (tins and packets); and of course 18x Sewing cushions which was created during service day last year by Kirsten was also donated. Greta Wilson, came on behalf of TEARS to collect all the pet food on 5th March 2016. The fact that Greta is a Wynberg Girl alumni made the hand-over even better as she was so pleased to see that service at Wynberg is still being upheld.

A big thank you to all that donated towards the drive this term!