Singing with their hearts at the Cape Town Eisteddfod!

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Cape Town EisteddfodWe congratulate our vocalists who performed at the Cape Town Eisteddfod on Saturday 6 May. Thanks too must be extended to Mr N Lewis who gave up much of his day to accompany them, and to their teacher Mrs S van Bergen.

Emma Martin, Bella Draper, Kezra Cairns Trio: Diploma
Sage Seef, Faith April, Jessi Solomon Trio: Diploma
Emma Martin, Bella Draper Duet: Diploma
Faith April, Jessi Solomon Duet: Diploma
Hannah Daniels, Danielle van Wyk Duet: Diploma
Emma Martin Musical: Diploma
Bella Draper Contemporary solo: Diploma
Kezra Cairns Musical: High Honours
Faith April Musical: Diploma
Jessi Solomon Musical: Diploma
Sage Seef Musical: High Honours
Hannah Daniels Musical: Diploma
Bernadetta Kabou-Block Musical: Diploma

Diploma: 90 – 100%
High Honours: 85 – 89%
Honours: 80 – 84%
Merit: 70 – 79%

Trio - CTE

Kezra Cairns, Bella Draper and Emma Martin