Sisipho said it: if you weren’t there … Hayi Shem!

The Wynberg Girls’ High School Jazz Band rocked! At the V&A Waterfront High School Band Slam, with every single performance, there was the breathless feeling that “this couldn’t get better!” But our band built on each performance revealing a depth of talent, a versatility of style and, my word, they wooed the crowd of avid supporters! In the end there was a consummation of audience and performer!

Supporters you rocked. You gave your hearts to our jazz band, as they gave theirs. It was an inspiring experience. It was clear that the official photographer found it hard it difficult to decide who to photograph: supporter or performer. Both were compelling.

The High School Band Slam is an annual competition brought to Cape Town in partnership with Mars Music and KFM,  and throughout this month, twelve schools will be competing to win music equipment from Mars Music worth R20 000. An additional R5 000 spirit award will be given out to the school with the best crowd participation. Bands are judged by a panel of industry experts on the following criteria:

Musicality   [20 points]
Song Arrangements, technical proficiency, artistic ability, originality and interpretation
Presentation [20 points]
Performance attitude, stage dominance, confidence, rapport
Patronage [10 points]
School support, crowd participation, School spirit and enthusiasm

We were amongst the first bands appearing, with Westerford and Parel Vallei. Others competing later this month include Rustenberg, SACS, Alexander Sinton, Bergvliet, Parklands, Wynberg Boys’ High, Bridge Town, Elsies Rivier and Sans Souci.

The results of the competition will be made known on 31 March. Whatever the outcome, Wynberg supporters-performers – you made us proud!