Spirit of Wynberg at the Lion of African Half Marathon

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Lion-of-Africa-Banner-2016-975x3505:30 AM = water, coke and 2 thousand runners…

The sun rose as we arrived at the 6km water point of the Lion of Africa half marathon. Despite the fact that it was far too early to be awake, all Interact girls had smiles on their faces. All worked efficiently at setting up tables, unpacking water sachets and pouring cups of coke for the incoming runners.

Our Wynberg spirit was demonstrated as soon the first runner, grabbing a sachet of water, sprinted past. We cheered even louder when the first female rushing came rushing through. The crowds then started rushing through. Our girls held up the Wynberg name by quickly providing water and coke, to whoever needed, with a smile on their face. We remained positive and calm throughout the morning. After a crowd had passed, we cleaned up our station, picked up any cups or sachets that had been dropped on the ground and got ready for the next crowd. When the last runner approached the water table, our girls did nothing but encourage them with kind words, cheering and applause.

We then cleared our entire section, picking up every single cup and peace of plastic (which was recycled) and patted each other on the back for running another successful water table. We ended our morning with an Interact water table tradition, the coke drinking competition. We all left sticky but with a smile on our face. Thank you to every single girl that helped, I know that we helped those runners, not only by providing them with water and coke, but by doing so with a smile on or faces.