Sports and Cultural Tour: Tennis

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After a long drive to PE and a great opening ceremony the tour had finally begun. The girls had a good night’s rest on Saturday and were ready to play hard. Although the tennis team lost all their matches on Sunday, some scores were very close being 8-7, 8-6. The girls were up against tough competition.  The girls played very good tennis against all 3 schools, putting up a fight for each match.


The girls were able to retrieve one victory against Queenstown, but lost against the Afrikaans Hoer Meisieskool. Again the scores were close, some being 8-7, 8-7. Next the girls had to play a play-off against Rustenburg. It was getting dark and so the girls couldn’t finish playing and had to continue their matches against Rustenburg on Tuesday morning.


The girls beat Rustenburg 4 matches to 2. This meant that they would fight for positions 9 or 10 against Paarl Girls’ High. They girls unfortunately lost against Paarl and finished 10th.

I am extremely proud of my tennis team who all fought hard and played at their very best for every match. We really enjoyed tour and would gladly do it again. We got some great experience from tour . We were faced with some tough competitors which made us play even better. We made new friends and enjoyed being in each others company. 


 Dana Arries