Sport’s Psychologist Visits Wynberg

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Sports PsychologyOn Wednesday 4 February, the top Hockey and Waterpolo girls at the school woke up early in the morning to attend a first-of-its-kind session, that has been held at Wynberg. The girls attended a session with a sport’s psychologist. This session was invaluable as we learnt so much and were able to implement what the sport’s psychologist had to say in a practical hands-on manner.

Some of the main points that came up were: “Where the mind goes, the body follows.” It’s clear that we need to have the correct mind set if we are to accomplish what we would like to. If we are able to conquer battles that occur in the mind, we will find that other areas also improve. If there is a poor input into the process of bettering our sport’s skills there will be a poor outcome and the contrary is true. How we arrive at practice sets the tone for what is to come. We were reminded or how important it is to remember that the outcome will be a byproduct of the process. We also were invited to compare our current selves to our ideal selves – a real eye-opener and truly valuable.

Through this wonderful session, we were able to see that the better our mindset is the better our performances will be. It is our heartfelt hope that more sessions of this kind will be arranged as we prepare to soar!